Hole Sleeves

Warmer, Ice Free, Save Fuel

Spend a drafty night in fish house without them and you'll learn why Catch Cover Hole Sleeves are to ice houses what sliced bread is to sandwiches.

Prevent air drafts from coming up the holes.  Original Catch Cover Hole Sleeves keep you warmer and quickly pay for themselves in propane saved. They fit perfectly inside the Catch Cover rings and sit flush on the floor. The 9-inch is the most popular size, they feature easy to follow molded-in 1-inch trim lines that let you cut the sleeve to the perfect height for your fish house. Also available in an 18-inch tall version for fixed axle campers or utility trailers converted into fish houses. Nine-inch Sleeves are available in either black, white, or new Moon Glow. Original Catch Cover Hole Sleeves stack neatly to minimize storage space.